Thursday, 3 February 2011

Reading University & Kpop CDs

Okay I won't go into full detail about my day at Reading. I'll keep it brief. Pointing out the highlights. Simply because I can't be bothered...

I woke up i
n the morning cursing U-Kiss (Kevin in particular) because I set the Finally chorus as my alarm sound. Just before it went off I remembering waking up slightly to turn to the other side on my bed, adjusting myself, and seconds after I got comfortable the phone went off. Oh why did I book the 6:14 train? I should've known weekday trains won't have terrible delays that would make me 1 hour late...
I was already in a bad mood. It didn't h
elp later on when I was applying mascara that the bristles touched my eye, in like any other natural reflex the eyelid closed, thus leaving horrible bristle marks on the lower part of my eye and getting some fibers on my waterline ASDFJKL; 5 minute operation to clean it all up. Waste of time. I had a feeling from then on that things would go terribly wrong.I arrived in London with plenty of time to spare. So I headed to Paddington Station, went into Sainsbury, bought myself a cheese and tomato sandwhich and ate it slowly while waiting for the train to come...
Reading.I was lucky to have arrived at Reading in time to wait for the 22 bus to come and take me to Earley Gate - the area where the Typography Dept. was located. This was the most worrying part of my journey because the earliest off peak train to Reading was at 9:21am, thus I arrive in Reading at 9:52am, 22 bus leaves for Reading University at 10:10am, 18mins to get to the bust stand (not far really, just outside) but what if there were delays?! Dear God, it might've ended up like that time back when I was heading home from Sheffield to Doncaster then horror struck when Doncaster train to Peterborough was delayed!
Note, buses in Reading are nice. Very nice. They look brand new and so clean!
Reading University.The department looked...old. Ground floor only. Didn't look that modern. Not that appealing visually, but I'll put that aside simply because I'm in for the course.
The course itself sounded nice. Although slightly different to Graphic Design - lack of emphasis upon Illustration and Advertising in which I'm intereste
d at. So currently I'm a bit unsure about the course. The only thing keeping my interest in Reading is that it's one of the best University's for art and design. There must be something amazing about the course that I have yet to realise...
Do take note that I was in a terrible state all day yesterday (as well as today) simply due to the lack of sleep. My attention span was...dimin
The campus itself was very green, as Google Maps had already shown. A lot of walking on grass involved. The campus was huge.
Took us like 15 minutes to get to the cafeteria for lunch from the department...Wow. The cold weather and depressingly grey sky didn't help either.
Soon enough it was time to
leave. I began to dread again as I realised that the Reading Bus website told me (on the day before) that the bus back to the train station from Earley Gate would be at 15:17 - it comes hourly *facepalms*. So I waited, in the cold. But then to my surprise bus 22 came to pick us up! It was only 14:55, why so early? I won't complain. I'm thankful! During the journey to the train station I kept looking out of the window, in love with the town centre - particularly the shopping centre (yum).

ndon - Paddington.
Arrived back in Paddingtion around 16:00. I needed to get to Liverpool Street station in order to meet Nikki. So I hurried off to the place with the big glowing UNDERGROUND sign. Hah, wrong choice. I went to the wrong one. Most trains that leave there take forever to get to LST. I should've taken the Hammersmith line, the one that I took earlier that day to
get to Paddington from LST. Hammersmith line was ALL the way at the OTHER END of the station. Great. So I wasted 20 minutes already.
Eventually got there, train had issues, this short foreign sounding guy kept swearing because the train wouldn't move.

Central London.
Eventually reached LST, met up with Nikki at Left Luggage area. Both headed off to Trocadero because she wanted to take photos for her the end she just ended up playing DJ Max Technika. And then left because she was hungry for a bun from Chinatown. And this was when I started to record footage for my newly uploaded video of today:

We eventually forgotten all about our aims of the day - to take photographs for our school art work. We spent most of our time at the PuriKura booth, in JP books, Japan Centre, watching this woman take all 4 of the bubble teas off the shelves in one of Chinatown's bakery's...the bitch *should've snatched all 4 cups when I got in there first*.
Some guy near HK Diner approached first he looked like a normal guy who may be lost and in need of directions to get to somewhere or was simply
asking for the time. But no, after a few exchanges of interactional language (small talk) I notcied that he had a black badge on, and upon it JESUS was in large white font. Oh dear loard, a preacher. And indeed he was one. He started to ask me about beliefs and stuff...I took a glance back at Nikki who had already stepped away and occupied herself with a certain poster at a nearby window - thanks Nikki, I needed help. He eventually fished out a card and told me to visit a website, in which I replied calmly that I didn't have internet. He shrugged it off and left me alone. Phew.She had to leave me at 19:30. And I was left alone, to roam around under the light polluted skies of London. Took lots of photgraphs though. Trafalgar Square is gorgeous at night. While taking photos two european men came up to me, one asked how far is it to travel to Buckingham Palace. After hearing me say it might take 15 minutes, he then proceeded to ask about night clubs in Soho because he was going to meet a friend later to go drinking and stuff. Not that I was of any help, I wasn't a local.Later I got myself a subway, my dinner. A toasted Spicey Italian with cheese, cucumber, lettuce, sweetcorn, Chipotle Southwestern sauce and BBQ sauce. My favourite combeo. Habe not eaten one since...last year. Ordered a footlong - expensive £5.59, which was unnecessary since I couldn't even finish it. I got a bit queasy while eating a 1/4 on the train back to Ipswich. Ate 1/2 before I got on the train.

Received an email from one of the staff people at the Reading Typography/Graphics dept. I was surprised to read "we were really impressed with your work, particularly your mannequin project", simply because I had no confidence in my mannequin project (in reality it was themed upon Distortion). Plus I didn't really expect to get much of a reaction with my 4 projects of work in my portfolio. My portfolio for Reading was half the size that I took with me to SHU and Coventry! I had to take out a few pages from my first AS Level coursework art sketchbook and put it into the portfolio in order to avoid carrying all 3 sketchbooks (I took 2 to Reading)! In which the pieces were merged in with my life drawing pieces (one of which that I'm very proud of). So basically I took my AS Level exam sketchbook (most proud of this one), A Level coursework sketchbook + loose bits of work (mannequin), AS Level Media Studies coursework folder and Life Drawings + Oberservation Landscape - they might've found it odd to find a sudden landscape drawing amongst figurative and floral pieces of work.
...So baically this means that I took most of my work with me to SHU and Coventry for nothing when Reading was super pleased with my limited amount of work?! D8 Damn. I killed my hands and arms for nothing...
Things got better when I then read "I am delighted to inform you that I have recommended that the University offer you a place. You will receive formal notification in due course." I'm delighted to know that you're delighted to inform me that you have recommended that the University should offer me a delightful place :]
Oh and my CD's from AllKPop's Xmas Giveaway came in today, FINALLY! I screamed with joy when I saw two packages after returning home from school today - the other was my Norton 2011 (still yet to open). But when the CD's came falling out of the ripped package for a few seconds I was like "Oh...." because I got SNSD's Run Devil Run album and Buzz's Fuzz Buzz album. Initially I strongly hoped that I wouldn't get a girl group's album, especially SNSD, but low behold, in the end I get the one I don't want and don't get the one I really want - SHINee's Lucifer album. Oh well, at least I won a giveaway and got 2 free CD's. I was a bit sceptic when I saw Buzz's less extravagant album. I thought AKP accidentally sent me a random English CD for a moment there until I remembered that there was an underrated band called Buzz! Hah...
Currently I listened to Buzz's album twice. And have SNSD's on pause. Really enjoyed Buzz's album, I'm glad to have received a copy :]

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