Friday, 11 February 2011

Jesus, WTF happened to you?

Remember back in the days when you were still a kid? Around the age of 10. Frolicking in the fields of your Primary school without a care in the world? You wander towards the football pitch area and perhaps see your crush kicking around a ball with his friends. You get all happy whenever you get paired up with him in class to do work...since you sit right next to him in class...

8 years later. The teenage years. The years of social networking.
You receive a FB friend request from a familiar name.
You click their profile out of interest.
You then see a picture of him.
You recognise him.

...Puberty is a bitch. It makes you regret all sorts.

P.S. Reading University gave me a conditional offer today :DD
Now the only issue left is picking whether to risk choosing Reading as insurance or go for the safer way of picking Coventry who asks for 240 UCAS points (BBC) - just encase I fail this Summer.
...Oh AND I have to wait for Louise to get her replies. Aiyah!

EDIT 23:55
Dear Kpop boy bands:

I would like that.

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