Thursday, 20 January 2011

Jewellery Freak

Ever since Summer 2010 during my holiday in Hong Kong and Vietnam I have become infatuated with jewellery. However, this was short lived as only Asian markets had the ability to sell cheap and pretty jewellery.

My collection of necklaces, bracelets and earrings are growing slowly with every passing week... (The picture on the left is my current collection of necklaces, hanging on this towel hanger that I hanged on on hook on top of this unused wardrobe door. I swear one day that the towel hanger's rope would snap from the heaviness of the necklaces.

However, I am planning to stop my impulse from now on...

A majority of my jewellery originated from the past, way back before I even went to HK and VN, but I don't wear them that much these tastes have changed.

To be honest I don't really know why I buy so much jewellery...I hardly wear jewellery because in the morning I'm too zombie-fied to even thinking about accessorising myself, the only thing that matters to my in the morning is skincare, hair and clothes. That's it.

But when 26th December 2010 arrived, Boxing Day, my infatuation returned...
I stepped into New Look, not particularly looking for something specific, just browsing. None of the clothes really appealed to me. I originally planned to take buy myself a new pair of skinny jeans since I loved my black ones so much, but it was difficult finding £10 blue skinny jeans in size 12 or 14. It seemed that every woman sized 12 or 14 in Ipswich dug out all the good stuff earlier in the morning. It was probably 3pm when I managed to actually get into town.
I absent mindedly walked into the jewellery s
ection to find some necklaces and bracelets priced £1! I was rummaging through the racks by the time I saw the discounted price tag. Eventually bought 2 necklaces and 2 bracelets, sadly the bracelets were onesize and I had trouble fitting them onto my wrists.
Last week, I believe, I popped into Dorothy Perkins to check up on the January sales - I love DP when they have sales. Again sadly I couldn't find anything that I liked, so yet again I popped into the jewellery section and found 2 bracelets that I absolutely adored!

On Tuesday I passed Claire's Accessories' 10 for £10 banner in red and white, and so, without another thought, I quickly made my way in to find a vast of amount of jewellery before my eyes. At first I was reluctant, remembering that I have to save money for food when I go to University later this year...but thinking about it again this sort of an offer doesn't occur very often, plus it's near the end of January sales...why not? £1 per item? Hell yeah!
Got 2 necklaces and 2 bracele
ts for myself. 2 scene/lolita fingerless gloves and 2 bracelets for my friends. And 1 or 2 necklaces that is/are going to my cousin in Vietnam.
Joo was a happy Joo on Tuesday.
Today I visited Boots and bought myself Umberto Giannini's Backcomb in a Bottle and Grunge Glamour Tousled Salt Spray. 2 items from selected items in the UG line for £7! Usually the bottles are about £5 each! £3 saved! I was tempted to buy these two bottles since last week anyway since a certain beauty vlogger/blogger mentioned about the Backcomb in a Bottle, which she didn't like very much despite all the hype. Hype or no hype, I would love to try anything that would give me volume! Also done some research last thing last night on the Salt Spray and what texture it gives to the hair. I liked what I saw on Google images and so decided to buy that as the second item, otherwise I would've picked the dry shampoo since I ran out of Batiste. Anyway I can't wait to try these out~
Nowadays I visit this Boots a lot since it's in the mini shopping center where the town's bus station is situated, so I tend to go in and browse the make up and skincare sections for offers and such whenever I have at least 10 minutes to spare before my bus for home arrives.

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