Friday, 28 January 2011


DANGG GURL DANGGG! (From this article.)
I love the picture where you see her transformation, she looks abso-freakin-lutely BEAUTIFUL RAWR! She looks like a princess who just woke up from her deep slumber and discovered something glowing at her bedside table...wearing cute pink socks. AIGOOO!

Though I am quite sad to see the chubby IU go :"(
I hope her personality NEVER changes in this drama. NEVER I TELL YOU! It's just too adorable. Just because she's all amazingly pretty now it doesn't mean you should add a bit of hateful attitude upon IU's character writer-nims! *nudgenudge* Keep her bashful personality! *is too IU/PilSook obssessed*

Apart from just obssessing over IU and her character I obssess over her character's relationship with WooYoung's character, Jason! MY NEW OTP YO! (Of course YunJae will forever be top on my list.)
I actually haven't properly watched episode 7 yet because of this pairing, why? BECAUSE I KEEP SKIPPING TO THE FREAKIN PILSOOK AND JASON PARTS ASDFJKL;

I don't give a fuck about the love square/rectangle between BaekHee-JinGuk-HyeMi-SamDong simply because I have a strong feeling that it would go absolutely nowhere. Okay so maybe one of those possible pairings would go on at least ONE date with each other, but in the end they'll just break up because the girl (most likely HyeMi) can't choose between childhood 'sweetheart' JinGuk and 'near-deaf/death' SamDong. This is how female characters roll in dramas.

How do I know that this would happen? The drama is cliched, can't you tell?

Take God of Study for example, BaekHyun (Yoo SeungHo) possess some feelings for PulIp (Go AhSung), whilst HyunJung (JiYeon) constantly clings to BaekHyun. We can apply this to Dream High. BaekHee is similar to AhSung, later in the drama she would be the one who confesses to JinGuk first as well as pursue him first, whilst HyeMi spends most of her time picking daisies and carrying out the ever so famous ritual of he-loves-me-he-loves-me-not.
Another thing to point out, HyeMi and BaekHee were 'friends' like how HyunJung and PulIp were friends, only that I very much prefer the latter.
Unrequited love occurs. ChanDoo (Lee HyunWoo) from GOS is similar to SamDong, both attempt to pursue their crush but are likely to fail in the end as they lack the bad boy persona in order to captivate the female lead - then again it could be justified that PulIp's not reall a proper female lead...
Overall, GOS and DH are both idol dramas. Similarities in storyline would probably occur. Why? Idols are involved. If fanboys/fangirls see their realistically-unattainable-idol-crush smoochin' with another idol there will be online fan wars, not to mention an increase of anti fans for the idol who had kissed the fan's dearly beloved.

...Whoa I just spun off on a tangent.
I'm off to shower off the smell of a fryer now.

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