Friday, 14 January 2011

Fantasy Turns Into Reality

So I arrive back home today and find two emails from LiveJournal telling me that two people have commented on my fanfiction - Battle for YunHo's cock. First thing I wondered: Why was it suddenly so popular?

I didn't realise why until I dropped by on Allkpop to find an article titled The Boss' Karam meets TVXQ backstage at KBS Music Bank
. In which I was gobsmacked because it was heavily related to the crack fic. Was my fic coming...alive? I bet those commenters must've somehow Googled up YunHo and Karam together and found my fic hohoho~
But wow, this is perfect material for Battle for YunHo's cock Part 2! Think I mite write it in fanfiction/word form soon, maybe tomorrow. I was too excited on sketching out the comic strip first. The short drabble itself may end up different to what the comic strip presents but whatevs.
Besides that I'm going to turn my LJ into my fanfiction domain. All pieces of fanfiction will go on there - visit my LiveJournal.

Disclaimer: I do not have anything against Karam or The Boss, I merely utilise Karam's obssession with YunHo as a joke for fictional and personally entertaining purposes.

Why am I typing this when I should be at work?
Owners don't want to catch my cough. Yes I still have the dreaded coughing fits.

Oh and it turns out that one of my English teachers have been to my old High School.
We were talking about overt and covert prestige in class today and it reminded her of this one time that she went to my old High School for book mastermind. Before she went onto talking about her story she asked who actually attended to that High School in that English class. Me.
She then felt like not wanting to talk about it anymore because it felt like she would be insulting me since I went to that school bwahaha. Insult all you want teacher, I used to talk shit about my old school too.
She then proceeded to talk about how she took her lovely year 7 kids over there all dressed nicely and smart. She arrived there to see rowdy children with untucked shirts, loosely done ties and miniskirts. She also mentioned it was lunchtime, I can clearly see why, everyone lets loose in that place during breaks hah! Should go visit the playground teach! You might even faint - she's a traditionalist who came from a comfortable and posh family and dislikes speaking swear words.
Apparently one of her year 7's decided to not use covert prestige (informal/colloquial speech) but deliberately used overt prestige (formnal/posh speech) to comment loudly and snobbily upon the state of the kids in the school. According to the teacher everyone that head what he had said all froze and stared at them.
Haha, it's like a small group of posh people amogst a sea of chavs.

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