Wednesday, 19 January 2011

DH6, Asian Parents Rant & Bargain Sales


Did you guys see what I saw?! Cheshire cat plushie! FUCK YEAH! SECRET GARDEN REFERENCE!
...Okay maybe not since the two dramas are broadcasted on two different channels but whatevs.
Maybe this cat plushie is a popular item in Korea right now..?
I want one...
Oh and can I just say that IU is adorable in this episode? Can't wait to see her performance with WooYoung in future ;D
Honestly I don't care about the whole Tramp-Suzy-Taec-EunJung thing anymore. This love SQUARE pisses me off.


So basically it all started when Reading emailed me further details about the portfolio viewing today - an email that I had been waiting for AAAGES.
I like how they show all the emails that they sent the message to, emails that belong to other applicants applying for Graphic Communication at Reading. I can see their names too. It seems that I'm the only Asian again.

Anyhoo, now that I know that this event is actually/definitely happening I proceeded to take a look at train prices.
The total was incredibly expensive when I looked up on the times that I needed in order to make enough time to get to each place in between.
So I looked up on a more cheaper alternative.
Cheaper one still would cost me £46.80...

Almost 2 months ago at work I remember telling the delivery guy (Gary) that Reading have invited me to a portfolio viewing. He kindly offered to drive me there since he was planning on visiting his family in Reading soon anyway. Wahey! I save money!
But alas, I doubt that I can take up on this offer. Simply because I have strict Asian parents who are utterly influenced by the media and paranoia. They don't trust anyone who aren't Asian/Chinese. Meaning if I get taken to Reading by Gary he would most likely kidnape and rape me. Oh Asian parents. Why?
I've known Gary for almost a year now since I started working at the take away, although he can be a bit rude at times he a nice guy. Chances of him doing anything to me is very slim. Do I even look rape-worthy? Heck I swear I'm nearing overweight.

Even if mother gave me £20 a few hours ago to pay for the train tickect I still have to fork out £26.80. That money could have gone to Norton Security 2011 - only have 30 days left of 2010 one!


If only Reading held this portfolio viewing on a weekend I would be overjoyed because the train cost would be half the price that I would have to pay.



Anyway forgot to mention yesterday - more like I was too lazy to add, there's currently a 10 for £10 sale going on at Claire's Accessories. Amongst the vast 70/75% off sales that are now on since the end of January is near.
All 10 items must be from the sale section and are tagged £5 or under.
Bargain! I could get 10 £5 items and save £40! But I didn't really want to limit myself by choosing only £5 items, not all £5 items are too my tastes.
In the end I got a bunch of bracelets and necklaces. I think 4 or 5 items are going towards my friends' late Xmas present kekeke;;; And 1 or 2 are going to my cousin in Vietnam.

Pics? Pics will be posted soon - sometime this weekend of next week, when I have time or can be bothered.

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