Monday, 17 January 2011

Farewell Secret Garden

"My life's Billboard chart...stable number 1, the best hit song, [insert love of your life's name here]."
Officially now the best proposal line to use for Kpop idols.
Maybe Se7en will use that on HanByul in the near future since he's an avid fan of Secret Garden as well.

Secret Garden episode 20 was gorgeous, despite the shitty 'proposal' that JooWon gave to RaIm at such a mundane location.

The kids were freaking adorable! And dude! I want those "cheshire cat" plushies! Those mini ones! Only three things that didn't quite follow AhYoung's dream...JooWon wasn't crying - maybe him scolding/moaning at the kids was a form of 'crying', the children weren't wearing white and RaIm wasn't yelling at ALL four of them... Then again who cares. Beats my unwanted theory that JooWon and the kids were crying because RaIm passed away from ANOTHER accident and RaIm was a ghost at her funeral yelling at them to stop crying!

Freaking JooWon's mother. Freaking Sea Witch still won't accept them. Only the kids? Harsh. I wonder if the kids ever questioned: "why won't halmoni speak to omma or appa?"

Oska made an epic proposal - I guess, though the setting did look a bit...sleazy and shit. It was set in freaking Winter! There were guys topless and girls in bikinis...and Oska in that trampy looking leopard robe, AGAIN. There was steam all over the place, Seul looked like one of Oska's past playmates in that robe. It all looked so damn sleazy!
But whatever, I loved it when Seul angrily claimed that she was Oska's woman to that other woman, when Oska presented her the roasted chestnut before the diamond ring and when he proposed to her and shit. Fuck, Seul still looks pretty even when she cries.
Oh and I have another complaint about Oska's proposal. I realised straight after he mentioned "15 years" that he was proposing to her when he's 40...TOOK YOU LONG DIDN'T IT MAN?! GAWD! Thinking about it, it's slightly gross when you match a 40 year old with a pretty Seul, sounds something like a sugar daddy.
But anway, it took him 5 years after getting back with Seul to propose? Wow that's dedication Oska. I applaud you for that. But what do you mean by after 15 years of playing around you finally settled? What, you went sleeping around with a few more women during those 5 years back with Seul? Hence why it took you so long to propose?! Aish! Be like JooWon and RaIm, marry Seul quick and make pretty babies!

I liked how Seul based the MV on her story back when she met Oska. That was a sweet little moment

You know what's another sweet moment? The placard moment! When Seul holds up those cards with short messages on them at Oska's concert! *is a major sucker for Love Actually references*
...I was anticipating some sort of bitch fight between Ssun and Seul. Not a physical fight, a more fiestier verbal fight.
Oh well, would've been terribly awkward if Jay really did play the role of Ssun, him and Oska would've just not all. Oska looks more like a dom, and so does Jay, you cannot have two dom's in a relationship (in normal words, two manly dominant men going for each other)! Lee JongSuk, who actually played Ssun, was the perfect match, he's feminine, pretty and totally sub material. Doms and subs make good matches....Okay I'll shut up now. I'm not even an Oska-Ssun-shipper...

Secretary Kim, AhYoung and the bottle that was floating around in the sea all this time decided to return to its owner coincidentially. Unrealistic and over the top. But hey, if JooWon and RaIm were able to switch bodies in the drama - suggesting magic was at work, why not make the bottle with the letter inside return?
I won't argue with that any further.

The ending itself was sweet. It tied everything together, solved an unanswered question and gave a twist to the storyline. 3-in-1 wow!
The very fact that they have 'met' in the past - well JooWon meeting RaIm more like, made it seem more romance-y. They were fated to be together. RaIm's father was the matchmaker, the two of them fell asleep in front of the altar - in front of the father's picture. It made it seem as if the father caused them to be fated when JooWon touched RaIm's forehead - banishing her nightmares away, and 'coincidentially' landed his hand onto RaIm's when he fallen into a deep slumber - come on, it was obvious that RaIm's hand move outwards a bit in order for JooWon's hand to land upon it!

Oh and congrats to the drama itself for almost doubling its viewership ever since the first episode nationwide and exceeding further in Seoul! Not to mention hitting "most viewed" consecutively for the last 5 episodes ever since episode 15 aired!

Is that all I wanted to say...?
Why yes, yes it is.
It has been a pleasure watching Secret Garden. I can't exactly say it was my favourite drama of 2010 because it bridged across 2010 and 2011. Heck I can't even pick which was my ultimate favourite. My Girlfriend is a Gumiho or Secret Garden! Both have amazing actors and actresses. Both have epic storylines - although I do kind of prefer the Secret Garden one...But wait, hottie Noh MinWoo was in My Girlfriend is a Gumiho...Hmn...
Okay I love both.

Now I'm only watching Dream High. A drama far more ridiculous that the romantic magic that occured in Secret Garden.

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