Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Sheffield Hallam University Interview Part 1

The beautiful water fountain thing outside Sheffield Station
Basically I had to catch the train at 6am. Couldn't sleep at all - went to bed at 10pm and had to get up at 4am. Can't sleep on the train because otherwise I would miss the change over/connection in Ely! At least the train was pretty much empty...even though I didn't take advantage of it much as all I did was stare into space.
Arrived in Ely, dark outside, train was on time so I have like 45 mins to kill. In the freazing cold. Hurrah. It was only until now that I realised the information on the train tim
e screens don't exactly show you the place you want to go to all the time. It only tells you where the train terminates - the last destination, and when it's like 10 mins before the train arrives at the platform where the train should arrive at will finally list down the different towns/villages that it would stop at for connections! Basically the skill that you must learn in order to avoid last minute platform switching is to do 5 days worth of train time reaserching online (like I did). List down the times your train should depart and arrive. Match the departure time to the screen and it should be that platform.
I got confused when I saw Lime ST LIVERPOOL, thought it was the train to Liverpool Street Station in London! Not the one I want! But anyway that train was to the actual place - LIVERPOOL, and since the time matched the time the train should ar
rive to pick me up and drop me off at Sheffield I stayed on platform 1, where the previus train dropped me off.
Luckily it was the right train, spacious, nice red seats, clean and lovely.
The table seats were reserved though grrrrr!
I spent this 3 hour long journey (approx.) staring into space. I was too brain dead from lack of sleep to even plan out the storyline for my next fic or read the theory boo
k I brought with me to reasearch more about YouTube (for Media Studies investigation). Basically I looked like a zombie.For 10 mins I was entertained by the sunrise. So beautiful! The only 10 mins on the train where I looked...alive.
It was snowing in Grantham, which made me go HOLSHITWTFJESUSCHRIST!!! Since I haven't seen snow for almost a month! I was getting freaked out with the white covered landscape before the blizzard came in. Train was going damn slow too!

An Indian guy sitting in front of me asked if he could borrow my phone to call his mother since his phone battery died out. I let him use my phone, only spoke for a minute. Handed it back to me. 5 mins later he fishes out Walkers Cheese and Onion crisps and a Penguin bar from his bag and hands it to me, in which I kindly declined simply because I didn't like Cheese and Onion crisps nor did I have an appetite for anything.

It was also at this time that we arrived in Nottingham. Home of NTU,
the ones who rejected me grrrrr! Some Nottingham chavs came on and spoke loudly in their Nottingham slang. It really put me off. I also saw Nottingham University as well, the logo looked...meh. The buildings themselves looked fairly depressing. There was grafitti everywhere. Basically now I don't have a good impression of Nottingham. Good thing that NTU rejected me..?

Arrived at Sheffield. Felt like kissing the floor because the 3 hr journey with the Nottingham chavs part way drove me insane!

Had issues with walking around with a large A2 hard faux leather portfolio in one hand and an H&M Xmas carrier bag in the other (holding one of my sketchbooks). It was seriously getting on my nerves. Not only was it heavy - because my art teacher told me to not rip good pages out of sketchbook and put it into portfolio but take everything with me and post it note the pages that should be looked at, but the handles were pretty much 2D, it dug into the skin of my hands and fingers. And now my fingers are sore and stinging.
It was also a pain to shove the portfolio folder onto the rack above the seats on the train. So damn heavy!
Oh and I think the cold conditions in the midlands caused my right hand to become sensitive and stingy to the touch. Hurrah!

Shall type more about my time in Sheffield, the hunt for Sheaf Building, the interview and back home to Ippy tomorrow. Simply because I want to sleep, have school tomorrow and I bet there's nothing interesting happening tomorrow to blog about.
For now I shall shower and finally sleep for the first time in...over 24 hours?!


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  1. "a large A4 hard faux leather portfolio" Not A2? lmfao