Sunday, 16 January 2011

Trimmed The Fringe! SG 19!

Yes I have successfully trimmed my bangs/fringe!
After spending 5 minutes arguing with mother that I simply just can't cut it in the bathroom - since it would involved me having to hold a basin with one hand and scissors in
the other, I managed to set up my cutting area in front of the window in the living room - with newspaper laid out and a mirror on top.
It was difficult. I disliked it when the small strands of hair started to gather and stick to my nose. When I moved onto the sides it started sticking to my eye area, even got a
few strands in my eye! Gah!
Going to to have to develop my techniques, today was just fail.
Duration of cut: 30 minutes. They don't look PERFECT but they'll have to do. Won't be long before I start trimming it again.
Oh and ignore the eye bags/dark c
ircles. I've had them for like over 10 years now.

Secret Garden has ended earlier today in S.K...
I just finished episode 19 and glanced at a couple of episode 20 screen well as video clips...on YouTube. Yeah I'm terrible. BUT OMFGGGGGGG EPISODE 20. I NEED IT LIEK NAO!!! ASDFJKL;
Yes I shedded a tear again at the last scene in episode 19! Freaking deaths ; - ; Aish that father! ; - ; ♥
Thinking about it, episode 19 didn't really...contain much. It felt like the episode has been dragged and moved at such a slow pace...not that I'm complaining, it feels like there was a lack of new information...just a couple of new pieces that had been overly elaborated.
BTW I loved the date scene between Oska and Seul. I would actually love to see that sort of thing happen in real life one
day, in Korea...maybe an idol and another idol...Meh doesn't matter. May be even more romantic if it was an idol and some...commoner.

Anyhoo, I'm off to do some English Language homework now.
Not that I want to do it...I should've done it on Friday during my free period...I was too busy going around The Student Room instead...reading weird and wonderful threads with my friend. TSR is a great time killer in school.
...Anyway...onto reading about babies now.

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