Sunday, 2 January 2011

Another week of rest please?

Maybe I'm lacking some sort of iron or vitamin but ever since yesterday morning I've been feeling tired as fuck. It normally takes me about 10 mins to phyiscally get out of bed after waking up. But yesterday and this morning I been spending 2 hours half asleep after waking up, still in sleepy mode, not willing to actually get out of bed as if I have no energy at all.

Hopefully this won't happen again on Tuesday. I have to catch the train at 6am - thus I have to wake up at 4am. Guh.
If only I could teleport to Sheffield for my University interview. I'm more worried on the train delays to there and back than the interview itself. I don't like the thought of getting stuck in a city or town in the midlands.

Gonna research more on the train timetables for Tuesday before I hit the hay.

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