Thursday, 6 January 2011

Sheffield Hallam University Interview Part 3

Carrying on...
Train to Doncaster was at platform 2, headed straight to there and waited for 15 mins, the sky was still light blue. Pretty ahh~ (Tis the pic that I used in previous post - part 2).
Train arrived, had
a hard time looking for a bloody seat because it was during peak time. Eventually found 2 empty seats in front of this Asian girl who gave me a weird look... Must be the huge portfolio which failed to go on the rack because there was a seperator thing in the way...grr. So I slotted it in front of my legs, not like anyone would sit next to me since the train was just about to leave and I need to get off the very next stop.

Arrived at Doncaster. Hurried off to find t
he next train to Peterborough. It was on platform 1. But it terminates at London King's Cross ticket says "NOT LONDON ROUTE". However when I looked online my ticket actually applies to this train, after all the train arrives at the same time as the time listed on the website. Plus I checked the train timetables board which proved that the train does indeed arrive at 4:36pm. They can't fine me for that!
So I waited and noticed that the train was delayed by 3 mins. No biggie, I have 18mins to change at Peterborough, minus 3mins means
I have 15mins, plenty of time. At least that's what I thought.
The screen then changed again saying that the train was on time. So I assumed that the train must've sped up in order to arrive on time. During that time a group of young teenagers came to the platform, they all looked high on sugar since they wouldn't stop screaming and laughing loudly non stop at everything.
4:36pm came, still no train, the screen still said it was on time, liars.
4:39pm, the screen changed to arrived but there was no train in front of us. WTFFF. Waited for a few more minutes and the train finally arrives, hopped on there quick and grabbed a nice seat on coach D.Maybe it's because I've never been on a East Coast train before (I normally go on National Express) but the carriage first class...? (Look at photo) It was so...pretty and new o-o But I already settled myself comfortably in my seat and placed the portfolio nicely above on the rack, can't be bothered moving, plus there were loads of empty seats in that carriage!
To the right there was this rocker kind of guy, and in front of me on the table seats was a guy on his macbook (envy) with 2 cans of Stella Artois...classy. I think diagonally on the other side's table seats were 2 cheery business men...Minus the rocker guy I thought I was definit
ely in first class. But I swear the carriage didn't say first class on it!!!
Anyway the train didn't move for like another 3 mins...great. I was going to be late for the changeover at Peterborough.

The ticket guy came over to the diagonally across table seats businessmen and I think one of them bought the wrong tickets and had to pay a fine - I saw a Barclays debit card being handed over and words of apology *gulp* Sure hope they don't fine me for being in first class when I'm supposed to be standard.
Eventually the ticket guy eventually came over to me, took my ticket, glanced at it, stamped it, handed it back to me without saying anything. Phew. Maybe I was on the right carriage and train..?

During the train journey I relaxed in the peaceful carriage, felt like sleeping but that was a big no no since I have to changeover on the 2nd stop.
I remember passing Newark or somethign (the first s
top) at 5:10pm but left the station 5 mins after arriving...shit. I was getting more and more late. I got worried. I was meant to arrive at Peterborough soon. The time ticked by, it soon became 5:30pm - no worries, 15 mins! We'll get there soon...5:35pm - shit. 5:40pm - AM I EFFING THERE YET?!

5:42pm - arrived in Peterborough, dashed off the tra
in and heard the tanoid announce something about the train to Ipswich. The train that I need?! So I dashed down towards the screen with all the trains and platforms, the train to Ipswich arrived. It ARRIVED AND IT'S ACTUALLY 5:42PM! RUN RUN RUN! It arrived on platform 3 I believe, all the way on the other side according to the signs, great. So with my heavy ass poftfolio I ran for my life, ignoring the growing pain on my hands. Up some steps, through the bridge and down. On the way down there was some stupid slow bitch in front taking her sweet time. Good thing the steps weren't busy so I walked on the other side. The train was in view, doors still open, made a run for it. It was crowded inside. But thank fuck I made it! So then I began to hunt for a seat in this crowded train, walked through 2 carriages to finally give up and settle myself in front of these 2 people on this table seat. Was panting hard.

As soon as I settled myself down the train started to
move. I was safely going to arrive home at around 7:30pm. Hurrah!
Spent most of it in tired zombie state since it was a 2hr 30mins (approx.) journey. I realised now that if it weren't for the train terminating at Ipswich it would've ta
ken me slightly longer to figure out what train to catch. There is a God!
For the last hour of the journey I started feeling sleepy. Like within a minute when my eyes close I would start to drift off in a slumber...which is bad, but it should've been okay since the train terminates at Ipswich, but still bad because I was on my own with £150 in bag, and someo
ne could have stolen something off me while I was asleep! So I decided to text people, the phone going off should keep me awake! And it worked. Hurrah!

The train arrived back at Ipswich station earlier than the original time. Dad was at Tesco's so I had to wait 20 mins for him to pick me up for the train station.
Eventually got home, tired, no longer sleepy strangely, ate one burger, got online to check mail, showered and to bed. Weird how I didn't instantly doze off wh
en I got into bed. At least I slept within 30mins!

And that concludes my day during 4th January.

In other news today...OMFG SECRET GARDEN ASDFJKL; WATERWORKS IN EP 17 ; - ; !!!!

Besides that anyone else notice the JYJ walls in the BG? BTW I loved this scene ♥ Kim SaRang is just too damn pretty.

Oh and Infinite's new MV?
Freaking love the chorus.
Reminds me of my year 7 days when I loved a mixture of rock and rap. The chorus sounds a bit like...Within Temptation's 'Stand My Ground'?
SungJong's voice sounds slightly fem...

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