Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Colds, SHU, Dream High

Apologies for the lack of post over the past few days.
I was dying on Friday night during and after a night of OMGPOP-ing - both games and chats. From this I managed to gain a WTF dream where I was following a guy who was called Brent half the time and Brian at other times through a tunnel which felt looked something similar to inception, warm toned buildings that seemed to form the tunnel. And at the end of the tunnel I arrived at my 6th form and found a store that parodied Shake Away/Shed, Shake Yogurt - a frozen Yogurt store.
According to Louise the name "Brent" was used in my dream because someone kept saying BRENT in the OMGPOP chat. Not that I remember it because I was dellusional at the time from tiredness.
Saturday night I was half dead, mucus started to come out of my nose so that wasn't pleasant. Spent all day shoving tissues up my nose while on OMGPOP again and ended up with a sore nose on Sunday.
Overall I'm alright now, well I should be minus the coughing fits.

Oh and it seems that I forgot to mention on Friday that Sheffild Hallam University gave me a Conditional offer - in a vague way...?
Basically I had UCAS Track sending me an email that evening, I hyperventialted, had a coughing fit, opened UCAS Track, logged on and felt like screaming from joy when I saw Conditional next to SHU. However that was short lived until I clicked the course code for more details and realised that I was being put into the Extended Degree - basically an extra year of university where I do MORE art/graphicy work like a Foundation Degree. This meant that SHU liked what they saw in my port
folio but think I haven't done enough or that I'm not ready for the full degree. Great.
I can pretty much cross SHU off my list of potential-uni-to-go-to now. Why? I would be end up with 4 years of Uni debt after completing the course. Really don't want that. I'd rather do a Foundation Degree in my home town for free without getting an extra year of £3k debt, plus I wouldn't have to worry about saving money and stuff as I'll just spend an extra year working at the take away and earn enough money for uni the following year.
Unfortunately thanks to the new government I can't really afford to do that. Simply because if I were to start university after the Foundation Degree I would not only have to spend another £66 something on a train to Sheffiekd for another interview, but I also would have £27k debt after 3 years of university. Freaking £9k a year!
Anyway onto the main part of this post. Dream High.
Initially I didn't have much of an interest on watching this drama simply because idol dramas tends to turn out...ridiculous.
However because I freaking love IU and my slight biasness for WooYoung sparked again after reading this article I thought, "Fat chick and cool looking guy? IU as fat chick going for a cool guy like WooYoung?
Heck why not? Sounds interesting, screencaps look promising, at least there would be a narrative that I'll be interested at."
And so off to KimchiDrama I go. Watching 3 subbed episodes consecutively.
...Of course I had no homework to do *shiftyeyes*

I can't help but link Suzy's goegeous face to Kim SaRang (Seul in Secret Garden). They're both just so pretty! *jealous* But I must say that Suzy's character is fairly...annoying. Her acting does give off an awkward feeling at times, like she may have possibly over done it or not going the right way with it.
TaecYeon was alright, nothing bad to say about him really. Couldn't help but go "HAH!" when I saw him topless, how could he film a drama without going topless? I kind of expected it sooner or later. The towel dropping randomly? Cliched. I knew it was coming. Something to fuel the hate between the two protagonists which would evenutally lead to love....but I don't really want them two together (even if it is inevitable). I was Suzy with Kim SooHyun's character - the trampy looking guy.
Speaking of the trampy looking guy, he looks like Onew hahahaha. A cutie with gorgeous smiling eyes ♥
Heavily disliked it when EunJung's character slipped so easily into the hands of evil. I blame that dance teacher. I somehow have the feeling that she was lying that the other girl's mum was still alive to EunJung's character, I guess she must've wanted some serious drama and competition between her students. Even if that teacher wasn't lying I still blame her. You can't just go hunting down a student's background and then tell it to another person! Aish. But I can see that the teacher is molding EunJung into her, I mean look at their hair!!!
Conscience: Maybe it was a coincidence...
Me: Maybe you should SHUT UP! DON'T GO RUINING MY THEORY NOW ; - ;
I would like to see more screen time for IU's and WooYoung's characters. Both seem to be just as interesting as well, come on, a dance prodigy who speaks English and a fat chick who can sing. Plus they have a a relationship to establish and grow! Get going Dream High staff!

Overall it's a great drama to watch when you're bored. I can't say it's the best. A bit too slow moving...it felt like all I've watched was just one episode.

Anyhoo I can't wait for episode 4. Shall be looking forward to it.
For now I shall pop off to do some homework.

P.S. A few tears slipped out from the corners of my eyes during episode 17 of Secret Garden huhu~

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