Saturday, 29 January 2011

Epic Fail

So I opened my email inbox after coming home from work to find an email from Rimmel London. Hurrah! It was another competition! Time to test my luck again.
What's this? 25 hours foundation!
...Wait is this really necessary? 25 hours? Doesn't sound too healthy for your skin. Make up is never healthy for your skin, sleeping with it on makes your skin worse. Is this foundation telling me to sleep with it on my face? Fuck no.
But whatever. It's a competition to get a free bottle! Heck why not? I'll probably use it just because it claims to have amazing magnetic powers to your skin. I love it when my foundation doesn't transfer onto my scarves in which I wrap around my neck as well as face in the cold Winter days.

So I log in, head to the "enter competition" page and guess what I see? This.
WTF. Worst. Question. Ever!
Are they trying to say that make up users are dumb?
The freaking answer is in the question ASDFJKL;

Speaking of dumb, a family came in today to the take away. Not even bothering to say "hi" back when I said hi to them! Rude.
At first there were 2 men, then suddenly 3 kids sporting mohawks came in...yes MOHAWKS. 2 of which look like toddlers, and the other looked like he was 10. The oldest looking one has a fully grown mohawk, all gelled up. The second oldest looking one had a mohawk like TaeYang (TaeYang's obviously sexier in it *drools*). And the youngest had a short cut mohawk.
But wait, there was one more. He came in with his mother I presume. He was the youngest looking of them all. He may have not donned a mowhawk like his brothers (I assume) but the way his hair was looked like the parents were planning for him to sport a mohawk too. The side were certainly short than the top section/stripe.
Yes I greeted them too, but they ignored me.
They all huddled together near the menu board. All crowding around te ice cream container that was underneath the menu upon the wall. Owners got cautious encase they attempted to steal the ice cream.
They left suddenly without a word...Wow.
Owners were watching them like hawks when they left the store and suspected that one of them stole an ice cream because they heard the container slide open and then close as well as seen one of the kids taking an ice cream out. They bought nothing in the end. Yet the owners couldn't quite see if he took it without paying - the chubbier man was blocking our view.
In the end the driver (who was sitting at the other end, watching as well, said that none of the kids had anything in their pockets when they left.

One of the tensest moments I've experienced at the take away.

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  1. They do that on purpose to make it super easy!